Pet Furniture Handmade With Passion

Our pet furniture products are made with utmost care and attention to detail. We support local artisans as well as traditional Indonesian craftsmen that hand craft our products.

Our Story

We are a husband and wife team with an immense passion for animals and keen interior enthusiasts. We had just newly renovated our apartment, but had one small issue which was the fact that our cat, ‘Coco’ didn’t have a living space that blended in with our décor and aesthetics. As a keen member of the family, and technically the “boss” of the house, we could not remove her beloved cat stand and throne (which had already been torn to shreds) from the living room.  We eventually custom made our own cat stand for the living room and since then we have never looked back. As this problem presented itself, we saw an opportunity to create well-designed, stylish pet furniture that could be functional as well as harmoniously fit in with the interior of your home.

We approach every design with meticulous attention to detail and we set ourselves the goal to integrate the living space between home owners and their beloved fur babies. We pride ourselves in providing the highest level of product quality. We use only the best fabrications and materials for our products to ensure the pieces have longevity and
are functional for its intended end use. There is also a consistent minimalist aesthetic to all our designs to match perfectly to the home space and blend in. We are also passionate about giving back to the community and we will donate 5% from every purchase to local charities and initiatives that are close to our heart.

We are very passionate about what we do and we believe that every cat and dog should
eat, sleep and play in style.

Love the Jelico Team

Love the Jelico Team