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This hand made felt bed is perfect for cats and small dogs. The felt is eco-friendly as it is made from recycled plastic bottles. The front cross over with wide stitching gives the bed a modern look. The bed is light weight and can easily get folded up to to travel with. There is approximately 15 recycled bottles per square meter of P.E.T felt. The entire process from raw material (PET bottles) to fabric is 100% local, ensuring support of the South African economy, textile industry and recycling economy.


Availability: This item is currently in stock and can be delivered in 7 to 10 working days.


Weight 12 kg
Dimensions 50 × 50 × 19 cm

Material & Care


The bed is made from a thick felt fabric which is produced in South Africa through the recycling of plastic bottles. You can clean the fabric with a light brush or vacuum to get rid of hair as well as wiping the surface with a damp cloth.


The outer – Black and white geometric print, Poly/cotton twill, durable and easy to wipe off stains and hair with a cloth.

The inner – The inner cushion is soft and comfortable and is filled with eco fibres made from recycled plastic bottles.

Care Instructions:


SIZE: Small Dogs/Cats

48cm(D) x 17cm(H)

SMALL: French Bulldog, Jack Russel, Pomeranian, Fox Terroir, Italian Greyhound,  Maltese Poodle, Shitzu, Chihuahua, Yorkshire Terroir, Miniature Pinscher, Dachshund  


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