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Every pet deserves to have his or her own throne. Combining modern contemporary aesthetics and functionality, the Khaleesi bed is designed to make your pet feel like a king or queen. The high back of the basket shape creates a cozy, protective shell and the open front makes it easy for small pets to jump into the bed. The cushion is soft, comfortable and easy to clean. As cane furniture is made from natural materials and utilizes natural techniques, it is not harmful to the environment.


Availability: This item is currently in stock and can be delivered in 7 to 10 working days.


Weight 52 kg
Dimensions 76 × 76 × 36 cm


Frame – The structure is hand woven from natural cane. The cane is light weight, non toxic and very durable. It is easy to clean and it retains its appearance. You can occasionally treat your cane with a light polish to retain its beauty. Ideally, the bed should be kept for indoor use only. If the bed is kept outside, ensure it is kept beneath a covered patio to avoid over exposure to moisture and sunlight.

Cushion – The outer – Oatmeal felt-like fabric with Teflon coating which protects the fabric against stains, 100% Polyester, Rub count 40 000. The fabric is protected against stains & any dirt can easily just get wiped off with a damp cloth. The cushion cover is removeable and can get washed at 30% light wash cycle. Cool iron on reverse.

Inner – The inner cushion is soft and comfortable and is filled with eco fibres made from recycled plastic bottles.



SIZE: Small Dogs/Cats

74cm (Diameter) x 34,5cm(H back)x 11,4cm(H front)

SMALL:  French Bulldog, Jack Russel, Pomeranian, Fox Terroir, Italian Greyhound,  Maltese Poodle, Shitzu, Chihuahua, Yorkshire Terroir, Miniature Pinscher, Dachshund



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